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Shenzhen luen generation technology co., LTD. Was established in June 2008, headquarters is located in nanshan district of shenzhen software industry base
The company is one of few Chinese companies with R&D center and manufacturing factory that has a completed  industry chain with PCBA, ID, MD, integration, production, and sales .
Shenzhen, Head Quarter, we currently have a team of 100+ employees taking care of sales and R&D.
In China, through its strong production capacity and technology, the company has created stable business relationship with major domestic big brands such as TCL and Haier. The high quality orders from big brands kept the company's business stable and sustainable.. 
The company has accumulated extensive business resources and partners both domestic and abroad through the past 10 years, and now has also laid the blue ocean market in the middle and low-end markets of developing countries ahead of competitors of the same segment industry, such as markets in India and the Philippines.
The company has achieved a perfect layout in India and Philippines, forming market barrier in these developing countries.For Indian market, the company has implemented up to 200 after-sales outlets across all major provinces in India.   
Philippines, we currently help local market to upgrade their national telecommunication system from 3G to 4G.
In Philippines, the company has maintained cooperation with major international first-tier brands, such as OPPO and VIVO, in production supply and after-sales service business.
Guizhou, Factory, we currently have over 200+ employees taking care of manufacturing and assembling
India, we just established our India company and experiencing a remarkable increasing speed of our revenue,For Indian market, company’s business launched in 2017, it achieved sales revenue of RMB 40 million in one year, and the market responded well.
The company currently owns main products of mobile phones, which cover two categories, the smart phones and feature phones. It has 13 types of smart machines and 11 types of feature phones. Product categories for mobile phones are complete, covering a wide range of different markets and satisfying people’s diversified needs. 
We currently realize over 60 million US dollars in revenue through our ODM/OEM orders from global Blue-Chip Clients.
Our Vision£º
Be a respected and innovative Chinese communication terminal products leader
Our Mission£º
Provide enjoyable consuming experience for customer
             Build clear career path for employees 
             Realize sustainable profit for partners and stockholders
Core Values£º
Be Honest, Be Innovative, Be Responsible